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Ural-4320 / 43202 v6.0 Mod

– Bought at the Kenworth Motor Show
– New realistic light for v1.28.x
– Realistic engine power
– Realistic gearbox.
– Cabin: 1 piece
Off-road tires
– Chassis:
6×4 (Ural – 4320), 6×6 (Ural – 44202-30), 8×4 / 4, 8×8 / 4, Polarnik, Polarnik – M
– Added new engines, increased thrust for heavy loads (the most powerful – 2100 hp, 10500 Nm)
– Transmission:
“KamAZ – 141” (5 gears), “KAMAZ-152” (10 gears), “KAMAZ-152b” (10 gears, for heavy loads), “ZF-Ecosplit 16 S – ret” (16 gears, retarder), also added 12-speed.
– Salon: 2 pieces (from Kraz and Stalker modification.
– Painting: available
– Added 14 skins, including off-road camouflage clubs
– Additionally:
flashing beacon (6 pcs.), light bar (3 pcs. with additional slots), antennas, yoke (4 pcs. with add. slots), winch, fastenings on the rear part of the cab with spare wheel, shovel, canister, tool box , 2 different manipulators, stickers and dimensions for doors, wheels (7 types of disks and 10 types of tires, part is taken from off-road Kamaz “a), additional headlights, dimensions, beacons, beeps
– In the cabin: navigator, on-board computer, video recorder, radio
– Sounds: are present, including the sound of the engine KAMAZ.

Version 6.0 for American Truck Simulator (v1.32.x, 1.33.x):
Updated for 1.32.x, 1.33.x
Off-road tires added
Added engines
Perepropisan auto show Kenworth


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How to install mods

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from www.ets2world.com, copy/unzip files into: “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder. To unzip files you can use: WinRAR or 7zip. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.


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