Scania Series 2 Torpedo v1.48.1 ETS2

ETS2 Trucks

Scania Series 2 Torpedo v1.48.1 ETS2

5 Cabins: Small cabin/ with window, Long cabin/ with window, Long High roof
5 Chassis: 4×2/6×2 (4200/4600), 6×4 Tandem
Engines: DS9, DS11, V8
Standard Interior
6 Skins
A lots of tuning
Interior Customizations
9 own trailers

Truck Access Simulator
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How to install ETS2 mods or ATS Mods

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from here, copy/unzip files into: “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder or if you play ATS please install mods to: “My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod” folder. To unzip files you can use: WinRAR or 7zip. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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3 Responses

  1. Jontikkapoju1 says:

    The mod looks nice in the pictures and if it’s anything like the previous versions i imagine it drives well too…But…For the love of god please lower the rank requirement! I mean level 29 is just cruel trolling. If a person downloads a mod they expect to get to test amd use it right away. I have no interest grinding myself to level 29 just to test a mod.

  2. JKJ says:

    Mód jsem nezkoušel, ale možná v základní verzi může fungovat hned. Se zvyšující úrovní se přidávají vylepšení – kabiny, silnější motory, kabiny, podvozek… To je ale jen moje domněnka. Vyzkoušet to postupně nemám možnost, protože jsem na úrovni 78…

  3. David says:

    an absolutely awesome truck with a great sound, every engine sounds different, nice old school, great work, keep it up

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