Toyota Supra A80 1994 ETS2

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Toyota Supra A80 1994 ETS2

Accessories And Features Included In The Car
2PCS Engine Option 2 Different Sounds : 1400HP/325HP(Fabricated)
According to the Engines with 3 Different Handling (Transmission)
6 Front Bumpers (Walker/JDM/Stock/Blue)
5PCS Rear Bumper (Walker/JDM/Stock)
3PCS Wheels (Tenzo/JDM/5 Arms)
2 Different Headlight Layers (Chrome/Fiber Black)
2 Different Stops (Infinity/Stock)
2 Different (EN) Plates
4 Pieces of Luggage (Can be Opened/Closed)(TRD/Stock)
2 Different Exhaust (Straight Pipe Headers/Stock)
6 Hoods (Can be Opened/Closed)(JDM/Stock)
4 Pieces of Starter (JDM/Stock)
2PCS Pandizotes (with Audio System/Stock)
3 Steering Wheels (Sparco/TRD/Stock)
1 Piece Bullet Garage Logo Mirror Ornament
Turbo Animation
Throttle/Brake/Clutch Animation
Contact Animation
Animated Bullet Garage Mirror Ornament
Realistic Fuel Consumption
Under-Vehicle Neon System
Details of Warning Lights
Bottom Note : We do Not Recommend Turning on Fuel Consumption in the Gameplay Settings, Otherwise You Can Install an LPG Tank. . .

Owner of the Vehicle Project : Arda Arslan Supra Model : Arda Arslan,Hierco Full 3D Flip Engine,Turbo,Filters,Differential,Shaft,Transmission Accessories AND Million Parts : Arda Arslan Transfer to the Game-Edit:Mert İrşi Sound:Nimit
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How to install ETS2 mods or ATS Mods

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 it’s easy to install mods. You just need to download mod from here, copy/unzip files into: “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder or if you play ATS please install mods to: “My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod” folder. To unzip files you can use: WinRAR or 7zip. After that you need to activate the mods you want to use.

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2 Responses

  1. WB32 says:

    It is a very good mod, but i have one issue: the steering wheel is mangled, meaning it is not pointing the right way, any suggestion on a fix are appreciated. I am running version 1.40.x if that help

  2. pooya says:

    i have the same problem with this mod. my game version is 1.41

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